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Fishlake is a high alpine lake (elevation approximately 8,848 ft) located in the Fishlake/ Southern Wasatch Plateau region of south-central Utah and is what the Fishlake Mountains are named after. It lies within and is the namesake of the Fishlake National Forest.


The lake, five miles long by one and a half miles wide at its widest point, lies in a geologic structure known as a graben valley. It is bounded by the Mytoge Mountains on the south-east shore which rises sharply to over 1,000 feet above the lake level. Along the north-west shore the lake is bounded by Fish Lake Hightop Plateau (elev. ~11,600 ft). Based on recent research the lake has an average depth in summer of about 100 feet and has been found to be 127 feet deep in its deepest known location.

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