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Fly Fishing The Escalante River

Scenic highway 12 passing through Escalante and Boulder is being considered by many as the most impressive drive in the world bar none! You can only imagine what the streams flowing through these canyons must be like. Remote in some areas, but in others, very accessible if you know where to go. It is highly recommended that first time fly-fishers to this area hire a guide due to vast wilderness areas, canyons and some private land.


By hiking the Escalante River canyon, there are trails to wonderful feeder streams with great hatches and wild trout. Those expecting only to see trout in the 8-10 inch range will be surprised. Do not be fooled as large browns and rainbows inhabit various stream waters in this area which can reach 20 inches in length or more. Adventurous anglers who enjoy backpacking will find themselves fly fishing in the best waters near Boulder and Escalante by spending a few nights under the stars.

Several quality streams near the towns of Escalante and Boulder require some hiking due to mostly remote access. And a knowledgeable fly fishing guide is worth every penny to get you around private land and on the most productive sections. North Creek, Calf Creek and Boulder Creek share prolific hatches of mayflies, caddisflies, midges, stoneflies and terrestrials as well. Dry fly fishing is superb! You will want to bring a shorter rod with some backbone for the larger fish that inhabit the undercuts and deep pools.

Hiking these canyons can be dangerous!

It is highly recommended to hire a guide knowledgeable about the trails and weather patterns. The scenery of these canyons and spring creeks inspire all who venture off the beaten path.
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