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Private Waters

Private Waters – Fly Fishing in Southern Utah

The Fremont River

The Fremont River is the crown jewel of less traveled waters which meander through awe inspiring red bluffs near the Capitol Reef National Park.  The mountains meet the high desert in South Central Utah where the Fremont forms perfect habitat and world class fly fishing for Brown, Rainbow, Cutthroat, Brook and Tiger Trout.


Waters near Teasdale & Torrey are 99% on private ground, which offers no access without landowners written permission.  Downstream from highway 12, the Fremont enters public access again and continues into the national park.  Trout numbers dwindle in this section and it does offer some remote access to those willing to hike and bushwack.

Capitol Reef National Park

Bordering our private fly fishing waters on the Fremont River is Capitol Reef National Park. The Velvet Ridge, thousand foot red rock cliffs, border the river and are home to various Eagles, Hawks and Falcons. The private waters of uniquely beautiful red Moenkopi Sandstone as a backdrop and lush green riparian zones, the Fremont gets into your soul!


Pioneer Wagon Trail & The Pendleton Bridge

Our most remote canyon section was the pioneer wagon route through the areas rough flash flood prone washes.   Two bridges were constructed allowing them across the Fremont’s high banks.  The Pendleton bridge, named after a mormon polygamist that originally settled in Fruita, likely used this bridge as often as anyone.  This is a frequent stop for our guides to reminisce about what it might have fished like and even make a cast at a rising fish!

The Sevier River

Experience fly fishing another southern Utah stream with prolific hatches and breathtaking scenery.  The Sevier River’s banks are lined with towering limestone cliffs covered with Pinon Pine trees and Cedars. Wild Turkeys are frequent visitors to the property.  A glance into the adjacent alfalfa fields reward us with herds of deer and sometimes even antelope.

Bryce Canyon National Park

Just 30 minutes from Bryce Canyon National Park, our several miles of access allows a nice full-day in paradise as you get away from any crowds. Other public waters nearby allow for multi-day fly fishing options as well.  Couple a half-day of fly fishing and tour the hoodoos of Bryce Canyon for a day you won’t soon forget!

River Facts

The name of the river is derived from the spanish Río Severo, “violent river”.  The Sevier is the longest river entirely within the state of Utah.  Our private stretch on the east fork, interestingly is not violent and very slowly meandering in nature.  

Be prepared to sight-fish New Zealand style as large fish are frequently seen sipping dries off the surface.  Dry fly activity throughout the season can be expected.  Nymphing and streamers are also very productive in the varied water types.  Healthy populations of Brown, Rainbow, Brook and Cutthroat trout abound.

Other Private Waters

We continue to support and protect existing resources, promote catch-and-release practices and intensify our belief in the wild trout concept. At the same time, we began looking for waters where anglers might enjoy quality, secluded fly fishing for a modest fee.


Due to the delicate nature of some of our properties and limited access, we offer many location which are not advertised.  When booking private water access, you may have the option of visiting more than one property.  Each of these ranches offer productive fishing which are largely affected by seasonal hatches and weather conditions.  We encourage you to call us and ask any questions you might have so that we can meet angling expectations.  We recommend calling us if you wish to specifically experience one vs another.