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St. George Fly Fishing Guides


Day trips are available to quality fly fishing waters if you are based in St George.  Generally, you’ll drive an hour or more each direction to get your feet wet and net a few fish.  Book your guide first, then call us so we can talk specifics and set an expectation for the days fishing that will make everyone happy.


Typically we can bend a rod on a few fish closer by, but if you’re wishing for a more specific experience, we have many options a bit further away from St George.  Mountain streams and dry fly fishing or more local lakes and reservoirs get you into the outdoors and making memories.  Guides will call the evening prior your trip to talk logistics, get lunch orders (full-day trips only) and organize the day before pick-up.

Spring break vacation?

  St. George is a great option for early season angling in March or April when other local waters are iced up!
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