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Kraig Robinson

Kraig Robinson

Guide - Fly Fishing

Presenting a fly and puberty came about the same time for Kraig, at about 8 years old.  While throwing wet flies with a cane rod on his grandparents ranch in California at native steelhead on the Eel River, we’re certain Orvis was considering him for their next catalog cover shot.


Kraig has been tying his clients boot laces for over 30 years now and still loves it, which is why he’s as sought after a guide as anyone could hope for.

Fun Facts about Kraig

  • Often told he’s a Burt Reynolds look-a-like!
  • Retired contractor & certified McGyver
  • In the 80’s he opened a fly shop in Provo called the “Fly Fishers Den”
  • Professor of Fly Fishing studies at BYU…yep
  • Hates to cook, but loves to eat

Fly Fishermen are born honest, but learn soon to get over it.

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